Issue at work.

Working overnights is such a sacrifice.

Goodbye fantasies of chillin out in a sunny day full of energy and winning.

On another note, my suspicions were correct. It seems that Ive been labeled under a category that might include a word synonymous to spicey. Yes, the overnight ladies at my store think I’m hot.
A lady herself informed this to me after being notified by an acquaintance earlier that  the lady Im now speaking to is one of many with the hots of me… its funny cuz I was thinking about helping her push some carts back to the front entrance earlier , but I was behind her so I began to walk towards her to help. “Im getting nervous with you behind me!” She said turned around and smirked. Wtf! ;o


I fall,
we laUgh
Who cares
Is there
Papa somewhere
We fall,
Who saw? Who care?

We only live for a moment, live in it.